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We are your #1 stop for termite control and removal. Did you know that these little pests cause over $2 billion dollars in damage a year, according to various government agencies?

There are many different types of them. Each type poses a different threat to a home or structure, depending upon the type of wood it feeds on or where it is congregating. The type of termite may determine the type of treatment initiated by pest control professionals. Not all them will cause problems for residents and businesses in the area.

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The five main types of termites are:

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If you think you have these in your home or business you must act now before they eat you out of house and home…literally. Since they can fit through the smallest cracks in your home, even if you don’t currently have them, your home or business could be at risk. Contact Pest Solutions & Exterminators of Fort Worth today to ensure that our exterminators are working to prevent serious damage to your home.

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